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Open rate four times higher than an email. More treasured than a typed letter.
Now it's possible to keep every customer feeling delighted.

We deliver communication that gets results for every brand. Unforgettable handwritten messages from 50 to 50,000.

...Yep, you read that right. Genuinely handwritten, real pens, real paper, written by real people.

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Smaller Envelope and notecard (4)

It's all about YOUR unique brand. Choose your stationery size, add some artwork or your logo, along with a text footer.


Upload your contacts in one click and easily drag and drop details for complete personalisation to each recipient.


Our Scribe Tribe beautifully handwrites each and every single message onto your branded stationery in ink.


Your customers each receive an unexpected handwritten envelope and open it to find a meaningful message from you.

What our clients are saying

"Our members are everything to us. With Inkpact we can show them how much we value them in a way that is in keeping with and enhances our brand. Our customers love the personal touch that a handwritten note brings."


- Tamara Lohan, Mr & Mrs Smith

Tamara Lohan Inkpact

How companies are using Inkpact

Whether you're an e-commerce fashion marketplace or an amazing charity looking to increase donations, a handwritten note can be the difference between not being read and acquiring a super fan.  A handwritten Inkpact can allow you to meaningfully say sorry for something that went wrong, thank your most loyal customers or reply personally to any customer service emails that get sent your way.

READY to get started?


Is every note handwritten by a real human?

Yep - no robots here! Each letter is personally penned in fountain pen and ink by one of our Scribe Tribe. That's where the magic happens; when you receive a personalised handwritten message, would you rip it up before you opened and read it?

If it's really handwritten, how can I be sure there are no mistakes?

Great question, and one we take very seriously. Your brand is incredibly important to us, so through clever technology each writer uploads an image of every single message that they have written; this is then checked for spelling and smudges - only the best get past our meticulous team! Anything that isn't perfect gets re-written until it's top notch! 

Does the stationery include my logo or yours?

It's all about you and your brand! there is no reference to Inkpact anywhere. When you log in, you will be taken to create your campaign and to a stationery creation page, where you can either upload one of your own designs or simply pop in a logo and a footer. You even get to choose a handwriting style to match your brand.

What if we wanted to contact 50,000 customers? Is that possible?

No problem! You are probably thinking we are crazy, right? Well, you are only partly right. We built Inkpact to be the scalable solution brands cannot find anywhere else; this is possible thanks to our simple tech mixed with our tribe! We know it's impossible for companies to write more than a handful of personal messages efficiently, so whether you are using us to say thank you, get customers to renew your subscription or simply to invite them to an event - we can deliver! 

Is this going to take me ages to set up? I'm pretty busy!

Trust us, we hear you. There just aren't ever enough hours in the day to get everything done, and sometimes going above and beyond gets hard. We built Inkpact to be the SIMPLE and EASY solution to be unforgettable to your customers. Our platform is as easy to use as sending an email, and with our CRM apps it can even be automatic! So sit back, have a cuppa and watch the results come in! 

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We're right here

We created Inkpact to allow companies to connect more meaningfully with their customers and put a little human magic back into communication. Over at our creative hub in London, ideas are swimming around all week long. If you have a campaign you'd like thoughts on, our creative team is right here to brainstorm with you.

100% impact for you,
social impact for others.

Our writers are made up of incredibly talented people the length and breadth of the country and comprise of farmers from Cornwall to mothers in Manchester! Our writers are all freelance, which allows them to be flexible, but also enables us to send hundreds of thousands of messages on behalf of our clients.

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We're in the business of delighting people. included. Let us know your details so that we can send you a little something.